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Apr 13, 2010 11:00am EDT
black eye for toyota, this time for one of its long-term champions. the slams the new lexus suv. we'll discuss what this means for the brand. >>> from consolidation to carry-on lcarry hf - carry-luggage fees. the president and ceo of virgin america will join us. >>> all right, well kmp back to "the call." i'm melissa francis. let's get you caught up on where the markets are trading right now. s&p 500 trading to the down side about 0.03%. the dow also trading on the down side, almost flat on the session, about 0.10% below that 11,000 mark right now and nasdaq on the down side. a little more than 0.10%. european markets getting ready for their close and right now all of them in the down, as well. the cac down by 11 points. >>> lots going on in the airline sector including increased consolidation. of course, charging for carry-on luggage as airlines scramble to find new sources. joining us right now to discuss, we have virgin america president and ceo david cush. first of all, your thoughts on this increased consolidation we're seeing and how that will affect you and your business. >>
Apr 28, 2010 11:00am EDT
coming from phil lebeau. >>> breaking news from toyota, it will recall 50,0002003 model year toyota sequoias to upgrade the software in the vehicle stability control. this is similar to the issue that we saw with the lexus gx 3450. no injuries, no accidents contributed to the issue with the software in the 2003 sequoias, but, again, toyota recalling 50,000, 2003 toyota sequoias for vehicle stability control upgrades. guys, back to you. >> this is in addition to what we saw after that consumer reports came out with the lexus and then recommending, of course, that the lexus be recalled. >> right, correct. we're talking about stability control and whether or not the system, the software, the logic that they call it within the software is functioning at optimum capacity in terms of how it should be working. that is upgraded as part of this recall. again, toyota saying no accidents, no injuries reporting from this problem. >> thanks very much, fill lebeau. >>> let's go back to our greece panel there. they're still there. matt hogan, andy believes there is a play here. i want to get in th
Apr 15, 2010 11:00am EDT
the head of nhtsa. u.s. regulators will perform tests on lexus and other toyota suvs and will take action if the vehicles do not meet regulator standards this coming after toyota announcing overnight out of japan it will test all of its suvs as it tests the lexus gx 460. consumer reports did some tests on and there could be a propensity for this vehicle to tip over because the electronic stability control doesn't kick in in time. they're now testing all their vehicles and now you have nhtsa saying we will test lexus and other toyota suvs if they do not meet safety standards and take action physical they do not meet regulator standards. that's the latest as they continue to look into potential problems with toyota and lexuses suvs. melissa? >> phil, just a question. i think you mentioned they are testing in japan, does that correla correlate, is that consistent with the testing and standards here in the united states? >> the testing is, what's tricky is you may not have the exact same conditions in japan that you had at the test track at consumer reports facility in connecticut and some pe
Apr 29, 2010 11:00am EDT
national. go like a pro. >>> welcome back to quaelt the call." breaking news from toyota. a week and a half after recalling around 5,000 lexus gx 460 and two weeks after suspending sales of the luxury suv, toyota has a fix in place to fix the stability control issues with that vehicle. the company is now going to resume sales of the lexus gx 460 and will start contacting owners of those 5,000 who have already bought the suv so they can come in and get the software upgrade. again, toyota, resuming sales of the gx 460 two weeks after suspending sales. trish, back to you. >> phil, thank you so much. >>> we have seen upside in europe and certainly huge volume in spain's exchange-traded funds on the back of the country's downgrade, as well as heavy volume in the italy etf right here. what about portugal and ireland? what are we seeing there? bob pisani is joining us live from the new york stock exchange with a look at all the etf trades. what do you see? >> weekly look at the etf business. you can buy and sell the whole country stock markets using exchange traded funds. take a look ewp is the sy
Apr 14, 2010 11:00am EDT
, everyone. check out toyota. halting sales of lexus suv a day after consumer reports said it had handling problems. toyota trading up almost 1%. melissa. >>> crude on the back of surprising inventory data. take a look where oil inventories are trading right now. they're up almost two bucks on the day, better than 2%. 85.89 the last trade there. sharon epperson joins us live from the floor of the new york mercantile exchange. sharon? >> seen a spike in prices since that number came out a little over an hour ago and the bulls in good steady. the reversal that we saw on record volume here to above $84 for a the barrel and remaining above that level before the number came out and then we get the surprise decline in crude supplies and everyone was expecting a bill and we have seen bills for ten straight weeks and that is something that folks are paying attentions as we make our way back to the $87 level. sure omecis saying $70 to $80 is the range because oil fundamentals look like it but we are looking at prices that seem to be in a new range right now and veteran trader here on the floor with
Apr 6, 2010 11:00am EDT
.s. follow suit? >>> toyota is facing a record $16.4 million fine from regulators saying the automaker delayed a recall for defective accelerator parts and tratding down on the session. larry? >> all right, fannie mae out with its housing survey to gauge how the real estate crash has affected consumer attitudes towards housing. this, as we head into the crucial spring selling season. so, what do americans think about walking away from under water mortgages? owning a home as an investment and the government's housing bailout? well diane olick joins us with fannie mae chief economist first on cnbc. hello, diana. >> hello, larry. this is a one of a kind look at where consumers stand on housing and joining us is fannie mae chief economist bob duncan. i want to get to this survey. it's really fascinating. 73% of those you surveyed said they believe home prices will either stay as they are or actually rise this year, however, they also say that a home is a safe investment as dropped from 83% just seven years ago to only 70% who believe today a home is a safe investment. have home prices bott
Apr 7, 2010 11:00am EDT
with analysts and investors today for gm the focus is profits and the timetable for an ipo. for toyota about getting past the recall fiasco. phil lebeau is listening in on the details. what did you hear? >> general motors gave us the fourth quarter financial updates july 10th through the end of last year and a couple of things stand out here. overall, the loss was $4.3 billion, $3.4 billion in the united states. during the conference call cfo chris lidel said it was close that the company was to break even when you strip out one-time charges. that's the first time that we heard them say that they are this close to break even. they have roughly $36 billion in cash and equivalence on hand. he plans to underpromise and overdeliver as gm moves towards getting back in the black. >> we are committed to repaying the balance off by june of this year. significantly adhered of the or original repayment schedule. after we repay the loans, our shareholders to complete a successful public offering as soon as it makes sense. i know there is a huge interest in when that might actually be and the best i can
Apr 19, 2010 11:00am EDT
. the government has said toyota has agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine for failing to properly notify authorities about the failure of a pedal defe defect. you can see right now, the stocks trading off just a little bit. down 45 cents. about half a percent. >>> want to head over right now to mr. larry kudlow who is at earnings central. hey, larry. >> hi, trish. i'm joined by tyler mathisen who's going to take a look at halliburton and eli lilly's earnings. are they making money? >> let's start with eli lilly. their net was down 5% from a year ago. what's interesting, here you see the intraday chart. $1.18 a share versus a $1.10 a share estimate. that was the call there. so they beat estimates. but here is the key. what eli lilly is saying is that year over year, health care reform is going to cost them revenue. look over there at that chart. about 300 to $400 million in revenue loss in 2010. and even more in 2011. why? two reasons. one is because of what we know, some of the other companies have been saying we're going to have to count for retiree drug costs in a different way. it's g
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8